Research Paper in Herbal Chemistry

Therapeutic effect of Portulace Olerecea leaves and seeds against hypercholesterolemia induced in rats.

Afaf O. Ali and *Nivin S.Nail

The objective of this study was to investigate the effect of dried leaves and seeds of purslane (Portulace Olerecea) on lipids levels in experimentally induced hypercholesterolemic rats. Thirty six male Albino rats were divided into 6 groups and reared for 1.5 months. The groups were: group (1) control, group (2) fed hypercholesterolemic diet (positive control), group (3) fed 10% grounded seed of Portulace Olerecea, group (4) fed 10% grounded leaves of Portulace Olerecea, group (5) hypercholesterolemic rats fed 10% grounded Portulace Olerecea seeds, group (6) hypercholesterolemic rats fed 10% grounded Portulace Olerecea leaves. At the end of experimental period, all rats were scarified and blood samples were taken for determination of liver function aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), alkaline phosphatase (ALP) ,and lipid profile( triglyceride TG, cholesterol TC and high density lipoproteins HDL) determination. Also the fecal cholesterol and TG were determined. Liver and heart were taken for pathology analysis. The results showed that liver function activities (ALT, AST and ALP) were significantly decreased in the groups fed on 10% Portulace Olerecea seeds (gp.5) or leaves (gp.6) compared to the hyper-cholesterol group (gp.2). The levels of serum TG, TC were decreased in the group fed on 10% Portulace Olerecea seeds (gp.5) more than the group fed on 10% Portulace Olerecea leaves (gp.6) and both were better than hypercholesteralmic group (gp.2).While the HDL level was increased for both groups of Portulace Olerecea leaves or seeds compared to hypercholestolmic group which decreases in HDL. Fecal TC and TG levels were higher in groups fed 10% Portulace Olerecea leaves (gp.5) or seeds (gp.6) than hypercholesterolmic group (gp.2). Liver and heart histopathology showed more improvement in cell structure in groups fed Portulace Olerecea. The data also revealed that there is an improvement in lipid profile and lipid level discharged in the feces which suggested that Portulace Olerecea seeds
reduces lipid in hypercholesteralmic rats and work as hepatoprotective by improving liver function more than leaves compared with high fat group .